When renovating a laundry, most people look for the most cost-effective solution without much consideration of the storage and space savings you can achieve if you consider a few simple items. Here are five simple space-saving tips:

Tip 1 – built-in laundry hampers

Pull-out laundry hampers let you hide the dirty washing well away from living and sleeping areas, keeping your laundry room tidy.

Tip 2 – stack your washer and dryer

Save space by stacking your washing machine and dryer in one cupboard. You can now buy condenser tumble dryers that don’t need to be vented externally, making space saving appliances more appealing.

Tip 3 – hanging racks, hanging racks, hanging racks!

Hanging spaces above your laundry sink, or pull-out cupboard racks that can be hidden away when not in use are both great ways to save space.

Hanging a drying rack from the roof can create extra space for drying clothes in winter without the need for an electricity-guzzling dryer.

Tip 4 – convert a larger space into a mud room

Mud rooms are hugely popular in colder overseas climates, but have only recently gained favour in Australia. If you have a large existing laundry, consider having custom cabinetry designed to make a place for all the kids’ dirty sports boots, school bags and even for your pets to sleep, eat and be bathed!

Tip 5 – don’t forget a folding station!

If you have a small space, consider a drop-down folding station for folding clothes. Maximise your vertical storage to hold laundry detergents and cleaning products.

For larger spaces, make sure you have enough benchtop space for folding clothes and a place for dirty laundry baskets to land!