When you’re thinking about creating a new kitchen, looking online at Pinterest, Houzz and other websites is a great start, but to get an idea of what’s really going on with kitchen trends, it’s best to get inside information from a reliable source – our design consultants!

Here are seven kitchen trends we’ve been seeing recently that are making a ‘splash’ in the kitchen space:

Black, white and grey

We have seen a shift from straight mono (black and white) colour palettes to mono with shades of grey in cabinetry of late, with black tapware and grey flooring very popular. The look is chic and sophisticated when well-balanced, but it’s important not to overdo black, as it can be overwhelming.

Dark blue

The bright blues of the 80s are gone, and deep, rich dark blues are in! Dark blue is a great alternative to black, as it has more depth and warmth, creating a sophisticated, moody feel. Dark blue cabinetry in a matt or satin finish injects some personality while maintaining a classic vibe. It’s best to keep dark colours on base cabinetry to ground the room, or you could just use it as a feature colour on an island unit and match it with white cupboards for a clean, fresh look.

You can match blues with gold or brass hardware for a classic look, or use silver for a more contemporary feel.

Warm, light timber

There is a distinct move towards warm-coloured, light ‘scandi’ timber tones over yellow-based timber finishes, and we’re seeing that in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. While wood is warm and light, it’s important not to overdo it as it can overwhelm your space, so try to limit timber to benchtops, feature cabinetry or open shelving.

Two tone kitchens – island units

While two-tone kitchens have been on fleek for some time, we’re seeing a move away from the traditional approach of overhead cupboards being darker or lighter than the base cabinetry, to island units being produced in an alternate colour to the rest of the kitchen. This design approach can achieve stunning results, and make your kitchen look more bespoke.

It’s all about the marble look

Many projects we have been seeing incorporate the marble look at the moment. You can get marble stone benchtops of course, but there are now a range of laminate finishes that simulate the look of marble, without the price tag. These are easily applied to kitchens, pantries and vanity units for a highly appealing, yet cost-effective finish.

Shaker doors

There has been a significant increase in requests for our ‘Hamptons’ shaker door profiles for kitchen cabinets – everyone loves the look! Their simplicity makes shaker doors incredibly versatile – they suit all designs, from traditional to modern. Shaker doors look especially attractive when finished with two-pack satin paint.

2-pack Satin

A 2-pack satin finish on door profiles is an emerging favourite over traditional gloss paint – it doesn’t reflect light like gloss, nor does it show up scratches, marks and dirt the way gloss does. The soft finish lends itself well to a range of applications, and you can choose any colour you want to match your décor. 2-pack finishes are long-lasting and hard wearing, ensuring your cabinets look great for years to come.